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How to Drink More Water

There is almost nothing more healthy than drinking water. It fights aging, flushes toxins out of our system, helps the skin and our immune system, as well as revitalizing our brains. In addition, the number 1 cause of extra weight and obesity is the sugary drinks many of us have replaced water with.
The main problem with water is that it's bland, and since today's children, and many adults, are often used to drinking sugary beverages, the original is just not tasty. So here is some advice: How to drink more water!
Add some slices of lemon(or lemon juice) to the water. The lemon is good for the stomach, skin, teeth and blood pressure, as well as add a nice taste to the water without adding sugar.
tips for drinking water
tips for drinking water
Be creative when cooling your drink.Freeze strawberries, grapes or cherries and add to the water, so you can enjoy cool water with a fruity touch.
Add some herbal tea to the menu. Tea contains critical antioxidants that fight aging, and it also detoxifies you and relaxes the body. Also, it's delicious!
tips for drinking water
water bottle
Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go. Get a small bottle of water (or a big one, depending on the size of your bag) and carry it around with you. Whenever you feel a little thirsty, take a little sip. Not only will it hydrate you, but many a time it will save you the cost of buying a refreshing drink, those costs add up!
Understand how much water you need. The Institute of Medicine recommends an average of 3.7 liters (125 ounces) per day for healthy adult men and 2.7 liters (91 ounces) per day for healthy adult women. Try to get close to that number.water
tips for drinking water
Mix water with natural fruit juice - If you really need a stronger taste in your water, you can squeeze some fresh juice to enjoy added vitamins and age fighting antioxidants.
Try mashing fresh fruit into the water to create a 'shake' of water and fruit pulp, this will add nutritional fibers with an added sweet taste.
tips for drinking water
tips for drinking water
Can't give up carbonated drinks?Then move to soda water with a bit of lemon or ginger. The soda contains minerals that are good for your body, and the lemon or ginger will neutralize the slight after-taste
Drink more soup. Soup is a wonderful source of vitamins, nutritional fibers and protein, and helps you feel fuller while also hydrating you.
tips for drinking water

Don't forget to Drink Up!


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