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[] Great Chance to earn digital currency on your Phone,Free,No risk, No cost.


Hello Everyone,

I am Tony, Sorry for bugging you. 

We are members of the PI network which is the first digital currency for everyday people.

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can "mine" (or earn) from your phone.

This brand new digital currency ( was developed by a group of Stanford University PhD's.

You can earn your own PI coins for free by simply downloading the (Pi Network) app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

It does not draining your phone battery, And you even do not need to leave the APP open to mine,

Pi does not affect your phone's performance, or use your network data.

Once you have downloaded the app (pi network, or pi, or minepi) app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and insert the invitation code (cakzxd), you just need to click the green lighting button once a day(every 24 hours) to start mining.

Follow the steps below, to get started:
1. First of all you would need to download the Pi app(pi network, or pi, or minepi) app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Or download the app from

The apple store link is
The Google Play store link is

2. After installing the app, you need to verify your identity to login to the app. You can verify using Facebook account or cell phone number (minepi will text you a verification code) ,
Or you need to send a SMS to USA or UK if you are outside the North America, Please email me at if you get any problem.
I highly recommend that you verify your PI account immediately by phone or Facebook to avoid losing any PI coins you mined. (In case you have forgotten your password or changed your telephone device, you cannot log in again with your password.)

3. The app will ask you for the invitation code. Use cakzxd as your invitation code.

4. The app will start a guided tour and it will show you how to use the app. In order to start mining just click the green color Lightning Bolt symbol & that all.

5. Remember to tap the green color Lightning Bolt symbol every 24 hours to renew the mining cycle. Suggest setting up a timer to remind you.

6. Three days (72 mining hours) later, build your own security circle to increase your mining rate. You can email me at if you have any difficulty or do not know how.

7. I suggest you sending an email to after you setup your account, so I can check your account and help you correct any problem ASAP.

8. Tap chat (right upper corner) , then tap "@cakzxd's earning team", you may post your question there, or read my answer of those question or any notification.

No cost, No risk, No hazard

Pi Network

invitation code: cakzxd

If you have a cell phone, know how to install app. and want a stable income with unlimited opportunity in the near future, you are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.
You do not need to sale anything, No inventory. No deliveries. No collecting payments. No meetings. No bugging friends. There are no fees to purchase, no quotas, and no limits, even there is no any financial commitment required.
You only need to take less than 5 seconds daily. Free training is included.
No Cost, No Risk, No Hazard
What have you got to lose?

Is the new cryptocurrency PI Network another scam or legit?

I have always been very skeptical and distant from all the hype around digital currency in general due to my basic investment principle that when everyone on the street starts talking about an investment product, it is generally too late to invest in it. It is in this state of mind that I listen to a family friend who tried for months to encourage me to join his cryptocurrency investment group. He got my attention when he mentioned that this one is a new innovation which is at the free distribution phase with no financial commitment required.

As soon as I reached home, I started making some background research on the Pi Network and found that not only it is a very legitimate and innovative digital currency initiative, but more importantly, it is still at the right stage to jump in with an excellent risk reward ratio. Of course, there is no guaranty that it will be a successful project, but what you tent to lose is a few minutes a day of hitting a button on your mobile and the mobilization of your network of friend and family at no financial cost to you or them for a possible reward of amassing lot of Pi digital currencies that could be very valuable in the future if the project is successful. Below is the summary of the findings of my research on the PI Network and my recommendation.

1. It is a project credited to three Stanford University PHDs namely: Dr Nicolas Kokkalls (head of technology), Dr Chengdiao Fan (Head of product) and Vincent McPhillip (head of community)

2. The company only offers a service, but no product. After downloading the Pi Network app, you need to confirm that you are a human by pressing a lightning symbol on the app at 24 hours intervals. This will initiate the mining process at a predetermined rate on your mobile device (currently 0.20pi/hr) without draining your phone battery. You are free to exit the app after that action without discontinuing the mining process.

3.  It is an FREE App. Free to download (with no ads) either from google play or apple store. You may search pi, pinetwork,or minepi

4. Members can join only on invitation from other members. You can accelerate your mining rate by inviting other members to join using your code. You are welcome to use mine to join if you decide to or if this review add any value to you (cakzxd).

5. After three successful mining cycles of 24 hours each, you qualify to become a contributor and you can form a security circle of 3 to 5 trusted members. This will accelerate your mining rate as well.

6. The mining rate has been halve for any multiple of 10 members that the network achieved. The project started in March 2019 at a rate of 3.1 Pi/hr and in November 2019 the network reached 1 million members and the current rate is 0.20 pi/hr.

7. The next milestone is at 10million members and it is not yet clear if the mining process will be discontinued at that stage or if it will continue to reduce in speed.

8. On Pi network white paper, a summary description of the technology they use is as follows: For Pi, we introduced the additional design requirement of employing a consensus algorithm (the process that records transactions into a distributed ledger) that would also be extremely user friendly and ideally enable mining on personal computers and mobile phones. The consensus algorithm that they use is the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) that was architected by David Mazieres a Professor of Computing Science at Stanford University as stated in Pi Network white paper as well.

My recommendation:

Pi has no value currently, just as Bitcoin in 2008, but could have value in the future. Pi Network is using an innovative digital currency technology that will decentralize mining of digital currency to the ordinary people and is user friendly through mobile phones. In my view the risk reward ratio justify my recommendation of jumping in while it is still open. But like for everything in life, feel free to do your own research. This is only my personal opinion and if you decide to go by it I will appreciate you using my code to join. It will bless me in return by accelerating my mining rate. You can reach me at if you would like to discuss more about this project.

Again, before and after installing this PI app, please read the following and make sure you understand them well, Or if you have any questions, please reply to this email or reply to

--PI is global,

--Verify your PI account with your phone number or facebook immediately to avoid losing any PI coins you mined ,

--1 person, 1 PI account, 1 device, 

--Update the mining cycle every day by pressing the green lighting button every 24 hours,

--after 3 days, build you own security circle to increase earning rate.


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