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13 Regular Object We Could Be Using Better 

You probably think you know how to use most of these objects already. Don't worry, all of us thought the same, but after reading below, you may come to realize, much as we did, that we actually didn't know how to use them properly at all...
Instead of wrestling with the jar of jam or peanut butter, just storage them upside down! The oil won't sink to the bottom but to the head of the jar, allowing you to open them more easily, and spreading it around when you flip it over to use it. 
products you're using wrong 
When you make an internet or power cable longer, tie one loop and then hook the plug to the socket, as much as you pull on them, they'll never come out of the socket.
products you're using wrong
Many metal foil boxes have a very important little piece that locks the foil in place so it doesn't all come out when you pull on a piece, use it! It will save you a lot of hassle.
products you're using wrong
The flap of the toilet seat cover should be placed towards the front, which prevents the situation where you are sitting down just to find out you've dragged the cover down into the toilet bowl.
products you're using wrong
Soda tabs make for great straw holders, making sure they don't move around or fall out.
products you're using wrong
Chinese food containers look like they do because you are supposed to open them and make them into little plates to eat out of. So next time you order chinese, use them like this for an easier meal.
products you're using wrong
Have you been shaking the tic tac boxes violently to get your tic tac? Next time, try letting one just glide out into the lid crevice, that's the best, and proper, way of getting your tic tac.
products you're using wrong
To easily break off a single piece of Toblerone, make sure you are pulling TOWARDS the bar and not away from it.
products you're using wrong
If you use a plunger like this red one for your toilet, you are actually using a SINK plunger. The black plunger is the shape made for toilets, the other one just gets all the hype!
products you're using wrong
The amount of tooth paste you actually needs to use to brush your teeth is about the size of a pea. Commercials have made us think we need a lot more, so that we end up buying a lot more.
products you're using wrong
Many pots have a hot in the handle through which you can put your mixing spoon - that way all the sauce left on the spoon go back into the pot.
products you're using wrong
If you tie dental floss in a loop, you won't need to put it around your fingers and 'choke' them.
products you're using wrong
The upper cover of the cups you get at fast foods joints is exactly right to also serve as a coaster, notice the three bumbps at the bottom!
products you're using wrong


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