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10 Hard Facts (Bitter Truths) of life which we just can't avoid and realize them gradually in our life
Life is like a roller coaster and very occasionally we are subjected to ups and down in life coupled with pains and suffering as well as joy and happiness. However, we keep on learning lessons from successes and failures that we come across. As we age, we also learn some bitter truths about life. I am recapitulating 10 such hard facts of life or the bitter truths which, I feel, we face them in life.
1. No one's life can be smooth. It is full of challenges and conflicts and very often we face despair, sorrow and suffering due to our deep entrapment in desires/fear duality.
2. We come in this world with a genetically pre-determined psychosomatic body and then we have to live with it for the remaining period of life.
3. Most of the time, things just don't happen as we plan or foresee. Most certain thing about life is the uncertainty. Many a times, even small and insignificant events can have vast and devastating effects on our life.
4. There are always a very few friends, not more the magic number of 10, who can be trusted and will stand by you during the troubled times. Bigger the friend's circle, lesser are the 'true' and reliable friends.
5. Most of the decisions we take come from the subconscious part of our mind and for which we no control whatsoever over them. Even when we take conscious and well thought of decisions, in those cases conditioning of mind as well as thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions hidden in subconscious mind play a significant role in determining our decision making as well as the behavior pattern. Therefore, the 'free will' for which we are so confident has a very limited role in shaping our destiny.
6. Human nature is fundamentally very fragile and venerable because of undercurrent fear and anxiety (mostly unreal and unfounded) we all encounter most of the time in our life.
7. The material things like money, status, power have a very limited role in our day to day happiness. The large part of our temperament is genetically predetermined; it has been scientifically proved that about 50 percent of our happiness or unhappiness level is genetically determined.. Other 40 percent depends on our conditioned thoughts and actions on which we hardly have any control. The remaining 10 percent is related to our life circumstances, such as where we live, how much money we have, our marital status, and how we look.
8.. The most destructive habit in us is allowing our mind to wander and indulge in negative thoughts and emotions. This is the root cause of our stress related illnesses (which accounts 90% of all illnesses we mostly suffer).
9. There are no personal Gods. It's only a blind faith and belief that prompts us to believe in the existence of personal God. However, we need such Gods mostly for meeting our emotional and psychological requirements and to explain the unexplainable events pertaining to us and that's why most of us overuse such Gods with supposedly no outcome .
10. We daily see our fellow beings dying around us but still we think, act and behave as if we are never going to die. We continue to live in this great mystery of life.
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