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Saptapadi is a Ritual taken from Rig Veda which is followed in gruhya sutras mainly in majority. But there are some variations too.
Vows (pratidnya) of the bride
The bride takes the following consecutive seven vows, one at each step.
· 1. त्‍वत्तो मेऽखिलसौभाग्‍यं पुण्‍यैस्‍त्‍वं विविधै: कृतै: । देव ! संपादितो मह्यं वधूराद्ये पदेऽब्रवीत्‌ 
।।Meaning: O Lord! I have had the good fortune of acquiring you due to the various types of merits acquired by me in various births.
· 2. कुटुंबं पालयिष्‍यामि ह्यावृद्धबालकादिकम्‌ । यथालब्‍धेन संतुष्‍ठा व्रते कन्‍या व्दितीयके 
।।Meaning: I will look after your entire family, from the infant to the aged and will be happy with whatever I get for my sustenance.
· 3. मिष्‍ठान्नव्‍यंजनादिनी काले संपादये तव । आज्ञासंपादिनी नित्‍यं तृतीये साऽब्रवीव्दरम्‌ 
।।Meaning: I will always abide by your directives and will regularly cook delicious food, vegetables, etc.
· 4. शुचि: शृंगारभूषाऽहं वाङ्‌मन: कायकर्मभि: । क्रीडि ष्‍यामि त्‍वया सार्धं तुरीये सा वदेव्दरम्‌ 
।।Meaning: I will embellish myself with clean attire and will indulge in sexual play with you through acts with the mind, speech and body.
· 5. दु:खे धीरा सुखे हृष्‍टा सुखदु:खविभागिनी । नाहं परतरं यामि पंचमे साऽब्रवीव्दरम्‌ 
।।Meaning: I who face sorrow bravely and remain pleased in happiness will share both your happiness and sorrow and will never indulge in adultery.
· 6. सुखेन सर्वकर्माणि करिष्‍यामि गृहे तव । सेवा श्वसुरयोश्चामि बन्‍धूनां सत्‍कृतिं तथा ।। यत्र त्‍वं वा अहं तत्र नाहं वञ्‍चे प्रियं क्‍वचित्‌ । नाहं प्रियेण वञ्‍चा हि कन्‍या षष्‍ठे पदेऽब्रवीत्‌ 
।।Meaning: I will happily perform all your household chores. I will also serve my in-laws and will respect other relatives. I will stay wherever you stay. I will never deceive my beloved (master) and will never get deceived by him.
· 7. होमयज्ञादिकार्येषु भवामि च सहाय्‍यकृत्‌ । धर्मार्थकामकार्येषु मनोवृत्तानुसारिणी ।। सर्वेऽत्र साक्षिणस्‍त्‍वं मे पतिर्भूतोऽसि सांप्रतम्‌ । देहो मयार्पितस्‍तुभ्‍यं सप्‍तमे साऽब्रवीव्दरम्‌ 
।।Meaning: O master! I will assist you in the rituals of sacrificial fires (hom-yadnya), etc. and will obey you with regard to Righteousness (Dharma), wealth (artha) and desire (kama). Here, in the presence of the deity of fire (Agnidev), the Brahmans, my parents and relatives you have become my master and I have offered my body unto you.
Vows (pratidnya) of the groom
The meaning of the mantra to be chanted by the groom with each step is as follows
o 1. 'इष एकपदी भव-सामामनुव्रताभव-पुत्रान्‍विदावहैबहूंस्‍तेसंतुजरदष्‍टय: 
।।Meaning: O bride, you have walked one step with me, so we have become friends; hence you be my provider of food. Help me to fulfill my vowed religious observances (vrats). May we have many sons and may they have a long life.
o 2. उर्जेव्‍दिपदीभव-सामामनु० 
।। (The rest should be chanted like the mantra at number 1 and the same should be repeated when each mantrais chanted.)Meaning: O bride, you have walked two steps with me; hence may you become one who will give me strength.
o 3. रायस्‍पोषायत्रिपदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Meaning: O bride, since you have walked three steps with me, may you become one who will increase my wealth.
o 4. मायोभव्‍यायचतुष्‍पदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Meaning: Since you have walked four steps with me may you increase my happiness.
o 5. प्रजाभ्‍य: पंच‍पदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Meaning: Since you have walked five steps with me, may you give birth to children.
o 6. ऋतुभ्‍य:षट्‌ पदी भव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Meaning: Since you have walked six steps with me may you give me pleasure in all seasons.
o 7. सखासप्‍तपदीभव० ।। (Rest as No.1.)
Meaning:You have walked seven steps with me, hence our friendship (relationship) has become strong.
From Groom to Bride :
ॐ एकमिशे विष्णु: त्वा नयतु । सा माम अनुमृता भव। 
- Be my Home's Annapurna.
ॐ द्वे उर्जे विष्णु: त्वा नयतु । सा माम अनुमृता भव। 
- Make all family members powerful.
ॐ त्रीणि राय्स्पोशाय विष्णु: त्वा नयतु । सा माम अनुमृता भव। 
- Be Wealth increaser.
ॐ चत्वारि मायोभवाय विष्णु: त्वा नयतु । सा माम अनुमृता भव। - Make our home cheerful.
ॐ पञ्च पशुभ्यो विष्णु: त्वा नयतु । सा माम अनुमृता भव। 
- Your presence makes our animals protected.
ॐ षड रुतुभ्यों विष्णु: त्वा नयतु । सा माम अनुमृता भव। 
- In all seasons, our married life remain cheerful.
ॐ सखे सप्तपदा भव । सा माम अनुमृता भव। विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
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The various vedic traditions use slight variations of this mantra for the saptapadi. ISHA EKAPADI BHAVA IS TO follow the Rig veda tradition. It is found in the ashvalAyana gRhya sUtra. The krishna yajur veda has it's variant in the taittiriya brahmana (though the context given by sayana is completely different). It is also found in the taittiriya mantra-prashna (ekagni kanda) in the marriage context.
The basic construction is "विष्णुः त्वा अन्वेतु (एतर्थम्)". अन्वेतु = अनुगच्छतु. There are 7 such items that we request Vishnu to bestow on the bride.
VISHNU TVA NAYATHU IS ANOTHER VERSION FOUND IN ANOTHER GRUYA SUTRA. There is a slight change combining both as the 3rd version. East, west and south almost follow Rig concept , while there is variation in North.
Saptapadi (Seven Steps) in Hindu Wedding significance. :-
This is the most important rite of the entire ceremony. Here the bride and the bridegroom take seven steps together around the nuptial fire (Agni) and make the following seven promises to each other :As per the Vedic rituals, the bridegroom sings the following : With God as Our Guide, Let Us Take,
1.The first step to nourish each other
2.The second step to grow together in strength
3.The third step to preserve our wealth
4.The fourth step to share our joys and sorrows
5.The fifth step to care for our children
6.The sixth step to be together forever
7.The seventh step to remain lifelong friends,
The perfect halves to make a perfect whole. 
After the seventh step he makes her remain where she is and says: "With seven steps we become friends. Let me reach your friendship. Let me not be severed from your friendship. Let your friendship not be severed from me."
The Saptapadi ceremony concludes with a prayer that the union is indissoluble. At the end of this ceremony, the bridegroom and bride become husband and wife. In some communities such as Gujarati, instead of seven, only four steps, signifying Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha are taken.
According to Indian Civil Law, this ,the taking of the 7th step signifies the defining moment of a Hindu marriage
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