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How to React to Common First Aid Problems
tWe all want to protect the people we love; family, friends and of course, our children. Not knowing what's the best course of action in case of a medical emergency can be a horrible experience and a little basic medical knowledge can do really do some good. This quiz will test your knowledge and teach you some of the best ways to react when someone next to you needs some first aid.
At the end of the quiz you will find out how many right answers you got and if you perhaps need to refresh your knowledge in this area.
1. If your child was bitten by a dog he will have to get...
A. Antibiotics.
B. A Rabies vaccination.
C. A Tetanus vaccination.
D. All answers are correct.
2. What should be done if someone has a bleeding nose?
A. Call 911.
B. Tilt their head back until the bleeding stops.
C. Lean the head forward and gently pinch the bridge of their nose.
D. Put some ice on the nose bridge.
3. Your child has fallen and was hit on the head, He is in the biggest danger if...
A. He fell from the second floor.
B. He fell on a wooden floor.
C. He loses consciousness for a short time.
D. He falls on the carpet.
4. Your child was cut in his arm and is bleeding steadily, you should...
A. Place an arterial tourniquet on his arm.
B. Use sterile gaze cloth to warp the cut and apply gentle pressure until the bleeding stops.
C. Put his arm below his heart.
D. All the answers are correct.
5. If your child is having a seizure then you must...
A. Start giving him CPR.
B. Place something in his mouth so he won't swallow his tongue.
C. Hold his arms and legs so he won't move around.
D. None of the answers is correct.
6. Someone just spilt hot water on their arm and the area is very red and covered in blisters. This is probably a...
A. A first degree burn.
B. A second degree burn.
C. A third degree burn.
D. A forth degree burn.
7. You have been bitten by a fire ant and the area looks red and blistered. This is probably a...
A. An allergic reaction.
B. A normal reaction to a fire ant bite.
C. An emergency that needs a doctor's attention.
D. It's actually a spider bite.
8. When someone is suffocating they needs a..
A. A Hirschsprung maneuver.
B. A Heimlich maneuver.
C. A Healthy maneuver.
D. A Lichtman maneuver.
9. Which of the following is a classical sign of dehydration?
A. Crying.
B. Weight gain.
C. Reduced urination.
D. Increased urination.
10. A bite from which animal can infect your child with Rabies?
A. Rat.
B. Fox.
C. Bat.
D. A and C are correct.
11. Your child was stung by a bee, you should...
A. Try to scrap off the stinger with a credit card or something similar.
B. Pull out the stinger.
C. Cool the area with some water and ice
D. A and C are correct.
12. After being stung by a bee your child had a severe allergic reaction. After this you should...
A. Always keep an EpiPen adrenaline shot with him in case he gets stung again.
B. Always keep an antibiotics shot with him in case he get stung again.
C. Always use a bug spray when he goes out.
D. Never let him go outside again.
13. Your child has fallen on his arm and the area starts swelling, what should you do?
A. Take him to the hospital to get an X-ray immediately.
B. Put some ice on his arm and see if the swelling disappears over time, if it does not go to the hospital.
C. Move his arm around to see if it's broken.
D. Place his hand in a home-made a cast.
14. Which of the following things should always be in a child's first aid kit?
A. Aspirin, in case the child gets sick.
B. Band-Aids and gaze, in case the child gets a cut.
C. Quicksilver thermometer, to see if the child has fever.
D. All the answers are correct.
15. You have found a small tick on your child, after removing it with a pair of tweezers you should...
A. Call the doctor if the child shows any unusual symptoms.
B. Check if the child has lyme disease.
C. Check if the tick has lyme disease.
D. Give the child antibiotics to prevent lyme disease.
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