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Subject:  lords love to kanjinn- bhagawan ramana maharīshi


Stories from Sri Bhagavan: Krishna's Love of Kanji


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On Dharmaraja's request, Sri Krishna went to Hastinapura as an emissary to achieve peace between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Duryodhana invited Sri Krishna to be the royal guest. As a political ploy, Sri Krishna politely declined and instead opted to put up at his friend Vidura's home. Vidura was a great devotee, living in a simple hermitage in tranquil surroundings. Krishna asked for his favourite—kanji. An indulgent Vidura wasted no time in preparing it. When he served it, Krishna made a bowl with His tender lotus palms and asked Vidura to pour the kanji into it. As Stories from Sri Bhagavan: Krishna's Love of Kanji  Vidura waited on his friend, Krishna drank the gruel to his heart's content. It is said that the four-armed Lord was so fond of the gruel that he used his other two hands as extra protection to the bowl, lest even a drop of it spill. Beside himself with the ecstasy of devotion and delighted at the opportunity to serve Krishna personally, Vidura inadvertently offered the Lord a banana peel instead of the fruit. But the Lord consumed it with relish, as if it were the most delectable treat, unable to reject an offering made with pure love.

The compassion and grace He showed His devotees superseded all other concerns. — [After narrating this tale, Sri Bhagavan continued: "In Kerala, kanji is the staple food for all, from the emperor to the common labourer. The wealthy may add a few spices but the food is the same. This is why Malayalis are called the 'kanji-drinkers'".]

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