Tuesday, 2 May 2017

[www.keralites.net] These Things Will Tell You If He Loves You Back Or Not!


These Things Will Tell You If He Loves You Back Or Not!

Sitting on a park bench, watching couples romancing on a bright,sunny day, I'm sure you're wondering about the love of your life; wondering if he reciprocates the love you shower him with.

How are you to delve into the depth of his tangled mind and understand his feelings for you? You tell your heart to calm down and not over think but as we know, the heart has a mind of it's own which is completely oblivious to what you think is logical.

Instead of a mental tussle with yourself why not start looking out for actual signs to figure out if he loves you back or not?

Here, let us help you ease your mind and figure out what you want to do.

1. He looks at you in a way no one ever does.

The way he looks at you, it send shivers down your spine (in the nicest way possible) and makes your heart flutter, no matter how old it has gotten, the jitters never die. The way his eyes only have shine for you is something you will never get over.

2. He tries to make a lot of plans with you.

Even when you don't initiate, he makes plans with you on his own and finds excuses to spend more time with you. Dinner plans, movies, or just hanging out; you are always his first priority.

3. He looks out for you.

Our friends are always on the look out for us, but he is there in a special way. Seeing you stuck in a situation that gets you to be a nervous wreck makes him feel as bad as you and you can see that on his face every time.

4. You are on the top of his priority list.

It doesn't matter where he is and what you want, his priority list has you on the top. So, every time you need something, you know that there's someone who will be there for you in an instant.

5. He notices little things.


The joys in life are in finding little things that you love, and this is exactly what he does. He focuses on the tiniest of details and makes sure he remembers them for you.

From the candy flavour you love to your current favourite song, he is aware of each and everything about you and even plan little gestures to see a smile on your face.

6. He doesn't mind keeping in touch with you all day.

Whether you meet, talk through whatsapp or on a call, he is always in touch with you in every moment.

That's a clear sign, can't you see?

7. He never gives up.

He is very stubborn and crazy when it comes to loving you. So, whether it is a movie plan, group project or just a silly dinner, he makes sure everything goes well and doesn't give up.


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