Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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Suppose, you are in the middle of lush nature, gushing waterfalls, flowing rivers, birds of multiple colours, trees ,plants, with beautiful leaves, fruits and flowers, a distant rumbling volcanoe,a nearby sea...,then can you avoid feeling nature? That feeling is the feeling of God. If you demand a scientific proof of that God, then you are actually demanding the destruction of that nature that has subsumed you. When you destroy a tree the feeling for that tree or that part of nature is gone forever. If you destroy whole forests, rivers, valleys, flora and fauna completely, then you are destroying forever all traces of feeling for nature or God. God is nature in bloom. Theism is feeling, not logic, certainly not amenable to mathematical reduction or mathematical deduction.

You cannot quantify a single emotion or feeling. Can you tell in how many litres, or miles, or kilos of your happiness? Actually when you analyze you stop feeling. If you spend your life analyzing and analyzing, then you are spending your life removing all faculty of feeling and trying to become a machine. Science actually is the effort to eliminate every emotion and reduce every phenomenon as consisting of cause and effect units.

Worst of all you lose your capacity for real communication and clutch continuously the language of words by which you can never tell the truth. The words are often not suitable, you censor, edit, conceal, lie...

It is impossible to tell the truth when you depend completely on words. The most unreliable sentence is a definition, which is actually imprisoning a phenomenon, by tailoring it to your mentality. Most people do not even realize that self trust and self confidence get continuously eroded by science. There is always a specialist and an expert for everything. They have converted the particular feeling into mechanics.

The destruction of nature means the destruction of feelings and emotions and therefore the annihilation of all feeling for nature or God. Every religion is based on feelings and not on the basis of some (a+b)2.

Adi Sankaracharya could speak everywhere from Kerala to the Himalayas because his language was feeling, and when feelings match, then nothing can divide. The Hindu way of life is based on understanding positively the whole Microcosm and the Macrocosm by Holistic paths of feelings, depending totally on one's own faculties and in not surrendering anything to machines. Hinduism is based on the synchronization of positive feelings, where mathematics does not jettison feelings and emotions.

Religion is based on feelings. Science is based on shunning feelings and reducing feelings into technologies, the techno-logic, the logic of machines.


Posted by: Kakdi Raita <kakdiriata@gmail.com>
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