Friday, 26 May 2017

[] From Spiritualism to Mechanism to Terrorism


From Spiritualism to Mechanism to Terrorism!

There was a time, when all the organisms of the Biosphere, communicated and interacted and pulsated as one organism through breathe. Breathing was not only supplying the essential oxygen, but also the smell accompanying it acted as communication, propelling symbiotic action. The word for air was spirit. Spirit governed not only individual thoughts but the thoughts and direction of all organisms.


It was the external hormonal system of every organism.

Ecology or the symbiotic arrangement among the organisms in the Biosphere governed the harmony of the Biosphere. The entire Flora and Fauna lived symbiotically co-opting every organism in the march of the Biosphere in Evolution.

Not only the Sages, but also all ordinary people could sense and smell and thus perceive. They did not tax their brains in uncertainities, probabilities and ultimately surrender to some expert. Nature kept their individual integrity and sense of security. They sensed and felt God every second, the Winds, the Breezes, the Rains, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Clouds, the Rivers, the Seas...all supplied the breathe or communication from God. The method of life was Spiritualim—feeling, sensing and automatic understanding.

In those days it was not necessary to tell them, that if you can see everything—atoms, energies etc, then you cannot see yourself as a physical body but only as a symbiotic spirit. They trained their visible bodies to sense and feel the gigantic biosphere, through the air called spirit.


The Holy persons of those days specialized in their lives, in only one endeavour, sensing through air, and they were called the Spiritualists. They often gazed into the Heavens for sensing. They really thought that they could speak to God. The belief was Biology.

Then Rene Descartes struck. He said that everything is only a machine, the only exception being the human being into whom God showing special favouritism entered through the pineal gland. The gigantic butterfly effect of that original sin or stupidity is today's total toxification of the entire, land, water and air and the conversion of the spirit or air into toxic fume. We have today only the adulterated jet set Swamijees and Babas, the adulterated spiritualists.

We can clearly see a trend. What once was natural has become supernatural today. And science and technology are converting everything natural into the supernatural by the device of poisoning the land, water and air and by thus killing and eliminating nature. It won't be long before, ordinary living becomes super natural existence.

Today from the terrible mechanization and elimination of the pure air or spirit, we have advanced to Terrorism. I am not writing about the Taliban, or the ISIS terrorism. I am writing about the far more damaging terrorism—the commercial advertising.

The message of Dettol advertising is that God is nowhere, but only bacteria and virus are everywhere. From the mere calling of the child and singing before the child about Dettol, the advertisement advanced towards showing the dreadful skin infections, sinking the terror into the sub-conscious. And we have the bludgeoning advertisements about the drugs for diabetes, invariably filling the diabetics with terror about the horrible future before them. The list of terrorizing advertisements is growing. Advertising and terrorism are becoming synonyms.


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