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[] 7 Stages OF Going On A Road Trip With Your Friends!


7 Stages OF Going On A Road Trip With Your Friends!

Nothing can be more exciting than going on a road trip with your buddies. (After the plan actually materialises ahead of endless planning on whatsapp groups.)

From packing your clothes and shopping for some last minute supplies to booking the best hotel and making sure that the fuel tank of the designated car is completely full, we do everything we possibly can to make sure that our road trip goes perfectly.

But no matter how hard we try, things never go according to plan, as regardless of who we are and where we decide to go for our road trip, there are always a few stages that all of us will go through.

These seven stages are, for better or for worse, common to all such road trips and if you've gone on such trips before, you'd totally relate to them:

1. Making that perfect Playlist which you'll be listening to on loop.

Making the perfect Playlist for your trip is actually the very first stage of going on a road trip. As you'll be on the road for a decently long time, you'd really want to listen to some of your favorite songs on loop.

In fact, any trip (especially a road trip) is virtually incomplete without good music and so needless to say, making a Playlist of such songs becomes vital.

2. Constantly stopping to click selfies.

Taking selfies and framing memories with your buddies is something that's become mandatory in life. And when it's during a road trip where you're crossing gorgeous and scenic locations, hopping out of the car for a selfie with your friends is all you want to do.

3. Sitting back, listening to the songs in your Playlist and taking that moment in.

Remember that Playlist we mentioned that you create for your trip?

Well, this is where you sit back, relax and listen to the songs on it, all the while taking in the scenic locations you're crossing or staring at the stars (provided you're NOT the one whose driving) and living that moment to the fullest.

This will surely be one of the best stages of your trip because you end up finding ultimate happiness in little things.

4. Annoying each other to no end.

What's the fun in a road trip if you don't even annoy your friend who is driving, or click pictures of that one friend who is peeing on the road, or just irritate someone who is fast asleep?

After all, a road trip is about the memories that you make with your friends, ones that are to be remembered for life.

5. Stopping at roadside dhabas for food.

While you may have packed your fair share of snacks to munch on during your trip, nothing will beat the sheer joy of eating some delicious food at a roadside dhaba.

When you're on the highway and you see a small roadside dhaba, complete with a traditional setting, nothing should stop you from parking your car and enjoying a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner there.

6. Reaching your destination.

Reaching your destination is one of the last stages you'll go through when on a road trip with your friends, although it's important to keep in mind that it's not about the destination, rather it's about the journey you went on.

But fret not, as there's one more stage left before you trip gets over.

7. Finally, the ride back home.

Want to know what the beauty of a road trip is? You get to live it all over again a second time!

After you've reached your destination, you get to make your way back home and go through the first five stages all over again. Although you'd be more tired and less energetic than you were before, you'd still have just as much fun as you did when you were making your way towards your destination.


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