Wednesday, 26 April 2017

[] Your True Identity!


How to locate you when you can see everything?


Suppose you developed the capacity to use the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. Suppose you developed a mechanical contrivance that gives you the ability to see the atoms, sub-atomic particles, sub atomic waves etc, then you cannot see yourself as you see yourself now as of so much height, a handsome body builder, a ladies' man etc, you find yourself swamped by trillions and trillions of particles, sub atomic waves, find the ultimate activity in which you are subsumed somewhere or nowhere. In fact you are also part of that great activity leading to supposedly entropy.


Even then if you feel your consciousness, then there is one possibility of locating you. You find a particular activity of conversion of waves into subatomic particles by yourdelf—this particular piece of activity drawing your conscious attention to that point, non- point...

If you do not vanish in the gigantic activity, there must be some particular point of activity locating and pointing at you. Then you may be able to know what sort of particles your conscious notice is creating, moulding your life. After all according to Quantum Physics, everything is in a wave or Super position state and that wave becomes a particle because of notice by a conscious entity. The Universe, as it is contains only waves, waiting for conscious notice to change into particles.

Suppose you also develop the capacity to use the particular electro-magnetic waves, say VIBGYOR plus ultra violet rays, or VIBGYOR plus ultraviolet rays and also X- Rays...Then how do you appear to yourself and also how do you think?

When you can see everything, then your identity is your own creation of particles by your conscious notice. That actually is your real identity. Your identity certainly is not your present mistaken VIBGYOR identity or the 3D identity.


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