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Subject: EGO the WAITING VULTURES - Fleeting TIME

Two Lions with inflated EGO, reached the pool at the same time to drink water. Both of them wanted to have water first.

A ferocious fight to the finish as to who will drink water first, broke out. Soon they were bloodied all over.

It is then they saw Vultures flying over them, looking down hungrily. Soon they realized their folly, stopped the fight and started Drinking water TOGETHER.

Had they continued to fight, both of them would have been devoured by Vultures.


Fleeting TIME

Every moment in life is a moment in transit. It shall pass and become a memory. All tomorrows will become today, then yesterday. All moments of Love, Rejection, High, Low, even the Golden moments will pass. That's why it is said, 'LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION'.

Every moment in life is a new beginning. Do not lament, blame or curse anyone. Just focus on what ought to be done. Results Rewards will come depending upon the quality of your actions. Quality of Actions depends upon your FOCUS.

FOCUS on your Actions. HE will take care of Rewards.

                                                                Excerpts from our Book 'YES TOGETHER WE CAN'. Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

Just Enjoy this Joke

Just read this and you will truly understand the reason.  

A couple is watching an IPL match on TV together. After five minutes:


Wife: Is that Bret Lee

Husband: No. He is Chris Gayle. Bret Lee is the bowler.

Wife: Bret Lee is smart. He should be in the movies  like his brother.

Husband:  He does not have an actor brother

Wife: What about Bruce Lee 

Husband: No no, Bret Lee is an Australian 

Wife: OK. Look. Another wicket in just two minutes.

Husband: No. It is called action replay.

Wife: Looks like India is going to win this one.

Husband: It is not India. It is Bangalore vs Kolkatta  Wife: Why is the umpire calling for a helicopter🚡. Husband: He is not calling for a helicopter. It's a free hit. Wife: Did the spectators not pay for the tickets? Why is it a ' free' hit?  Wife: Now whom is he saying 'HI' to?

Husband: He is signalling a 'Bye'.

Wife: Why is he saying 'Bye'. Is the game over?

Wife: How many runs to win?

Husband: 72 in 36 balls

Wife: Ah. That is easy. Just 2 runs in 1 ball

*Husband turns off the TV* 

Wife turns it on and watches 'Balika Vadhu'

Husband: Who is this Anandi?

Wife: Tumhari Maa...

How many times have I told you.. Don't disturb me when I'm watching TV..

Husband:  --------I'm off to the _________.

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