Friday, 21 April 2017

[] The New Evolution/Revolution/Convolution!


The New Evolution/Revolution/ Convolution!

Before the Industrial Revolution of England between 1760 and 1830, there was no large scale and wholesale extermination of the biosphere and the ecosphere. All organisms smelt, sensed and thus communicated with each other. Sensing from the atmosphere was the main method of communication. Just like you or me, within whom trillions of organisms live, in mother Gaia too trillions of organisms lived/live, in accordance of the code of the ecosphere, which had its own, methods of coordination,hormonization and sense based communication. If I am an individual, then mother Gaia too is an individual, within whom there are biospheres and ecospheres. The ecospheres and biospheres were/are gigantic musical symphonies, symphonies that communicated to each organism and the organisms tuned their musics of life in harmony. If you are healthy; the internal hormonal communication within you will be bouncing with lively and happy energy. But if some Homo sapien like bacterium starts an industrial revolution within you, you start swallowing antibiotics, vitamins etc, to kill that revolutionary but if that bacterium turns into a rotten economist, you die. For that the wily bacterium must convince the fellow bacteria, that the cost curves, revenue curves etc are not gigantic trips to unreality but actually are dealing with the fellow bacteria, in their lives. Often those economist bacteria within organisms succeed, leading to the mass extinction of trillions and trillions of organisms that live within the animal or bird..., which we call death.

The wily economist bacteria must adopt one clause—'other things being equal', to simply write off the very existence of your body and biology, to promote the 'curves' and make the fellow bacteria feel that they are fed with wonderful expertise.

Today, thanks to industrialization, the biosphere no longer is one; communicating and symbiotic entity and the rules of the ecosphere are dead. All organisms lost the medium of sense and smell communication, with the destruction of nature for economic development.

Among us the human beings the pregnant mother no longer communicates about the wonderful nature in which she is living as all the trees etc are killed, she is now an expert in Dettol communication, telling the developing zygote that the world is full of disease causing bacteria and viruses and that it must not trust mother earth. After all she lost her natural feelings of oneness with nature and there is only the Dettol caution within her.

The human organism, like any lunatic is convinced that it is superior to other organisms, because, it no longer depends on the holistic sensing of nature but only on the 3D based mathematical reductionism. It has permanently imprisoned its very capacity to perceive by developing languages and mathematics completely restricted to the visible spectrum which is just 00.0037% of the total electro-magnetic spectrum. There are just no words to describe the gigantic invisible universe of fields and energies of the invisible spectrum. The sense of smell and also sound which functioned as the media of perception and communication are no longer available and as the visual cortex invariably models the false 3D shapes only, the organism has started disusing its own organs and substituting machines to do the work of its own hands, legs, mind etc.The organs are slowly withering away because of disuse. Economic and Industrial development is the method of mass suicide ultimately of the human beings and along with it the other members of the biospheres. If the oxygen holocaust of millions of years ago made the non oxygen breathing bacteria create us as shelters to protect themselves from the poisonous oxygen, the removal oxygen through industrialization will pave the way again for the non oxygen breathing organisms to come out of us and prosper in the open as the new biospheres.


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