Saturday, 22 April 2017

[] How to Converse with God?


How to converse with God?

Conversation means, exchange of understandings. Understanding requires a connectable conceptual base. Unless one connects to some concept already existing in the mind, one cannot understand. If the conceptual bases are different, then there can be no exchange of understandings and conversation.

In the case of God, the conceptual base is the Universe or even the Multiverse, if the latest theory is correct. The conceptual base of God covers the vast Microcosm and also the equally vast Macrocosm---the energies and particles of the standard model, the tiny bacteria and virus, in every atom,molecule,of the planets,stars,cosmic dust of every Galaxy, every quasar, every blackhole,of every universe and ultimately the multiverse—the Space-time continuum.

Now what is the conceptual connecting base of the human being, the machine synthesized by the non-oxygen breathing bacteria, so that this human being with his industrialization, wars etc will remove every source of oxygen, enabling the non oxygen dependent bacteria can stage a comeback and reclaim their earth.

To escape the Oxygen holocaust that happened millions of years ago, which killed entire non oxygen breathing bacteria for thousands of years, they synthesized the humans to provide shelter inside them and also make them destroy the entire oxygen creating biosphere. This sufficiently mad human, who thinks that his destruction of the entire outer layer of the earth consisting of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, troposphere and the biosphere, is advancement in science, for whom the conceptual base is the false 3D bodies, the tool synthesized by the anaerobic bacteria, feels superior to every other organism on earth.

How is this mad human to converse with God? This human does not even realize that he is not a 3D body of length, breadth and height but actually a macro body as a part of the earth. He does not realize that he has to make the entire climate and nature his personal identity.

Our sages once could communicate with every organism, because their communication was not verbal wording but the interaction of feelings. Now how is the present human to whom communication means the Shannon-Weaver electronic signals only with no feelings at all, to converse with God, to whom machines simply are ungodly? God created bio entities and not scooters.


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