Thursday, 20 April 2017

[] The Elimination of Mother!


The Elimination of Mother!

There was once the healthy Bhoodevi, mother earth with wonderful flora and fauna. She gave messages and communications continuously, through winds, breezes, rains, sun, moon, stars..., all giving many smells and musical symphonies, continuous Phil harmonics for perception and understanding. Environment was the main brain of the human organism.

Thanks to Economics today, which has thrown away the fig leaf that it is a study of human beings and is very naked in what it is, a science of the lives of machines and technologies, in their ordinary destruction of nature and all emotions, in a gigantic drift to nowhere, newer and newer technologies continuously edging out the old technologies in the human jobless and machines only growth, the very organ of perception and thought,viz,nature is gone from the human anatomy if one takes into consideration that nature is part of one's macro body. We do not even realize that our anatomies and physiologies have been mutilated by economics and we lost completely our capacity for macro thought, that we are suffocating ourselves with our restricted self definition as a 3D body. If one can only see completely everything---atoms, energies and if one's capacity to the so called seeing is not restricted to the visible spectrum, then one cannot even locate or even conceptualize oneself. One becomes nature. Thanks to the destruction of nature, one is imprisoned, truly imprisoned in one's own (non) body.

The new zygotes in the mothers' wombs no longer get messages from Bhoodevi as its mother is living in a nature killed environment. At the most fundamental stage of one's growth as a baby from the zygote, the development of the mother tongue via the mother's hormones is gone. There is no macro thought in the mothers that convert to messages to the cells as hormones.

Now we are coming across the new phenomena---the rented womb and the test tube baby as also the cloned babies. Mother Earth has been ousted from her job.


This is what we call the scientific progress, the elimination of human being and nature from economics, the conversion of human beings into permanent refugees  with no employment and income and the elimination of women from motherhood (visible now in the horizon).Earth is for the bulldozers, of bulldozers and by bulldozers---the new economics.


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