Saturday, 18 March 2017

[] Your Real Body!


Your Real Anatomy—your macro body!

Suppose you are living in a lush gigantic forest, undiluted by any destruction for economic development. Atoms, particles, energies...flow into you from the forest. Atoms, particles and energies flow from you, into the forest. You become the forest and that fact will be very clear and vivid to you when you can see even energy flows. You think that you are not the forest but separate from the forest because you cannot see everything.(Illusion or Self Divorce)

But the reality is, when you think, it is the forest that is thinking. When you live, it is the forest that is living. You are the forest with the forest as your real anatomy. Your awareness as living as the forest, gives you the ultimate sublime feeling, creating radiations of thoughts--- THEROIES.The forest God, part of your essential emotional anatomy has developed in you the Theology of the forest God, the Theism or the characteristics of the Forest God, the Theosophy or the exhilaration of the forest God and the radiations---the Theories or emanations from the Forest God. Faith becomes your hormonal system, in fact your internal hormonal system extending into the forest, with no borders or divisions. You become the breeze, the air, the wind, the lake, the river, the mountain, and the flora..., all of them as part of your hormonal profile. Then the question—is there God, will become the ultimate stupid question. The God or forest is there right in front of you.

The Atheism which you also call science becomes 'Self Divorce.' It is science, that is not even fantasy, but a terrible nightmare, which is making you live outside your real body—the forest. Destruction of a forest for economic development is a terrible physical torture, the genocide of the forest dwellers without immediate death, as the duration of the pain of death becomes the duration of life. The forest dwellers become the LIVING DEAD.

Those that live near a gigantic river develop the Theism of the River God, near the sea the Sea God...God and nature cannot leave each other.

Science has separated you from yourself, as you are in reality nature itself--as the forest or river, or the mountain. In Economics, they ( you) become inanimate resources. Your internal hormonal profile gets divorced from nature. The real lifeline—continuous communication with nature gets snapped and you are now the kite with the thread snapped. As a cut out body, you have to take many medicines, to substitute the services of the forest.

The University Degree-less tribal is not uneducated, it is you the MA, MBA, MTECH, MBBS, MSc, MPhil, PhD..., that is in realty not educated at all. They are your patientship identities.




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