Sunday, 26 March 2017

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10 Unbelievable Facts!

These random facts will make you think twice about a couple of things - and some will certainly be tough to believe. There were a number of facts I found especially interesting, and others I never thought to be true. Whatever your take may be, these 10 facts will surely surprise you!

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Here's a fact I never considered: according to studies conducted in 2009, the average woman consumes up to 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. It may also surprise you to discover that fish scales are a common lipstick ingredient. With that said, there are many more surprising ingredients hiding in your lipstick, so be sure to check out what it is exactly made of.

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This habit may seem like a perfectly innocuous activity for calorie-counters and dieters. It's also interesting to note that British and larger than normal stamps contain 'more calories'. It has been found that the calorie content in the adhesive on the back of a US postage stamp works out to be about one-tenth of a calorie. On the other hand, British stamps contain about 5.9 calories per lick, while the adhesive on a larger commemorative or special British stamp contains a whopping 14.5 calories.

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The United States and Russia are surprisingly close. The two islands, Little Diomede in the US and Big Diomede in Russia, are only 2.5 miles apart. Here's another interesting fact connecting the two islands together: a limbless man, Philippe Croizon swam from the US to Russia in 5 hours.

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This fact may be shocking to read, but in the US alone, there are 40,000 toilet-related injuries each year. All are caused for a variety of reasons, but this is certainly warning us to be more careful!

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Studies have discovered that women have a better sense of smell than men. It has also been found that older individuals tend to have a better sense of smell than younger persons.

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While the average American may consume 800 grams of chewing gum each year - 50 percent of the gum is spat out on sidewalks, park benches or left under the seats in public transport.

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Having been one of the fastest growing fast-food producer in the world, company estimates indicate that one out of every eight Americans is employed, or has been employed, by McDonald's.

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Pure honey has no expiration date! Believe it or not, if kept in dry conditions and closed well, it could keep for thousands of years.

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If you're a chocolate lover, you may find this fact a little disturbing. The process of fermenting the cocoa happens when the cocoa is put in the earth and is covered with leaves. During this fermentation process, a lot of insects are present. This fermentation process is allowed by the FDA.

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As strange as this fact may seem, lemon consists of 70 percent more sugar and 30 percent more citric acid than strawberries, which contain 40 percent. It's surprising how deceiving taste can actually be!


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