Tuesday, 28 March 2017

[www.keralites.net] "Religion was born when the first con man met the first fool." --Mark Twain


I do not believe that Mark Twain was entirely right when he said the above. There are many who are entirely sincere in believing in and propagating religion. One of the main advantages of religion is that it explains many mysteries of nature for those who are not willing to inquire deeply into the pros and cons of our existence. In this context religions provide easy answers as to the cause of our existence itself as well as to the evil as well as to the good things we encounter in life. Other factors that keep religions alive are fear and hope. Many stick to religion for fear of divine justice and hope of salvation in the hereafter. But such fears and hopes are mostly superficial. 

Anyone who really believes in divine justice would not worry about human justice in this world.  The Jews boasted all the time that they trusted in god implicitly and explicitly. But they also insisted on a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye, because they were not absolutely certain as they boasted of divine justice and protection.

The same hypocrisy is evident in the belief in the hereafter. Though all believers boast that they trust in divine providence they would rather run to a doctor than continue on their way to god if they were bitten by a snake on the way to the Church or temple. 

It is evident from the above that believers trust rather in human justice and human medicine than in divine nonsense as they profess day in and day out. However they thank god out of their superstitious fears after they are saved by human intervention in courts and hospitals.

In spite of all the nonsense and hypocrisy touted by religions, they survive and thrive generation after generation mainly because of parental conditioning and indoctrination whereby we are indoctrinated from childhood by our parents before we are able to distinguish the corn from the chaff, before we are able to distinguish evil from good, before we are able to distinguish knowledge from superstitions.

Missionaries are blamed and even attacked and killed for converting illiterate adivasis and Dalits to Christianity after enticing them with milk powder and other gifts in cash and kind from abroad. But are we not doing essentially the same to our children by gaining their trust with our parental duties and then indoctrinating them relentlessly in our superstitious nonsense so that they will not even try to throw off their shackles of superstitious fear and priestly domination in every aspect of life? 



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Cataract is the third biggest cause of blindness. By far religion and politics remain the first and second.

"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous


Posted by: Xavier William <varekatx@gmail.com>
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