Wednesday, 22 March 2017

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Suppose mankind never developed eyes and the visual cortex, but at the same time developed great intelligence based on the connecting concept bases of smell and the resulting sensations? Instead of the present Visual Cortex, a different organ, the sensation cortex developed. Then what sort of numbering system and mathematics might have evolved? Sensing and thinking, based on feelings and emotions with absolutely no idea of the 3D shapes would have developed. The 3D shapes actually conceal real feelings and motivations excepting to those familiar with the body language.


What will happen, when there is no 3D cover to the real feelings? In such a situation can mankind pollute and poison the environment and create continuously, what may be called mis-sensations in the place of the present misunderstanding? Can the glorified mathematics of today, which actually is based on the basic paradigm of the 3D shapes continued, no, developed?


As it is there is a basic disconnect between mathematics and emotions. You cannot quantify a single emotion. You cannot tell your love or hate or happiness or unhappiness in kilos, or litres or in miles. Of course by assuming away in the 3D jargon we developed the Psychometrics, but basically it is like mixing oil with water. We actually numb our feeling with the numbing factor-the number.


But feelings continuously blend; sensations change continuously and numbing the continuous changes with the unchanging unit-fied numbers, may not be possible. But even today life means the ever changing feelings and we are actually misunderstanding our feelings by the artificial 3D classifications. I think the same is happening with Physics also. We pin point a single photon, put a million holes in front of it but are stunned, when we observe the single photon going through all the million holes at the same time. If we recognize that the photon is only feeling and not a 3D entity, then the problem will be solved.


There is an urgent and basic need to develop a language, which is free from the 3D complex. There is certainly a place for Sages, who specialize in communication via feelings and sensations, without the 3D paradigm. My God, today there are Nobel prizes for 3D sciences—Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medicine and World Peace but simply no prizes for any spiritual studies.


Our wonderful hope—Narendra Modi, can take mankind in the great Hindu Spiritual Path, by initiating advancements in Yoga and the yogic communications, by starting Universities for Yoga.
There has to be a new subject—'Non 3D communication', where the real communication via feelings is studied.




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