Friday, 17 March 2017

[] The Holistic Approach!


The Holistic Approach!

The Holistic Approach is the approach, wherein the observer does not detach himself from the subject matter of study but actually tries to be part of the subject matter developing the feel of the subject, trying to get subsumed in the subject matter. He tries to be an extension of the subject matter of study. He views the subject matter as an extension of his own personality. He realizes that he is part of the Universe and that detachment is impossible. He cannot wound and tamper with the subject matter, as he reveres the subject as an innate part of himself. He practises the study of the subject matter by continuously attempting to make the subject part of his internal hormonal communication. The hormones that travel in his blood circulation system, the blood that enters the cells are to be governed by the subject of study. His is not analysis but the sadhana of the subject, to subsume the subject within himself. The study was yoga sadhana. He sings, dances, paints, sculpts, bhajans...the subject. His thoughts or musings change into the music of the subject. The subject gets internalized. He cannot wound and mutilate to experiment and get the matrices of the subject. In one word, everything unscientific and emotionally biased is the Holistic approach. He is a Holon in a Holarchy, subsuming in the Holarchy.

In the analytical approach you divide a subject into independent factors that interact to analyze. In this analytical approach, hundreds of sub atomic particles were found and the number of new and new particles that threatened to emerge threatened to create a gigantic anarchy in the pure sciences. So the standard model was devised to create manageability in analysis. The Leptons and the Bosons of the standard model are supposed to be the ultimate indivisible particles which are not holons or compositions. But their indivisibility is more belief than an analyzed and proved fact scientifically. Ultimately the need for belief is being felt to the great chagrin of our rationalists cum atheists. But efforts are on to find the particle—the graviton, so that gravitation too could be included in the standard model.

The triumph of the analytical or the scientific approach is ultimately resulting in the arrest of children from their holistic enjoyment. The infants-the tiny tots are drilled with the symbols needed for analysis. They are made to practise distrust of their own Amygdalas. They are told that everything in nature is an economic resource. They are to be talibanized as the future development maniacs, that destroy the forests, rivers, lakes etc.

Most Universities have jettisoned the Universe from their names by abolishing the faculties of Philosophy, Religion etc.They today train the MTech, MBAs...only. Every engineer will cut a minimum of one thousand fully grown trees during the course of his career.




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