Tuesday, 7 March 2017

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Thought, Perception, Understanding!


Thought is the observation of interaction among discrete entities. When the Universe was Singularity, as one unit with nothing else, then along with the great energy, thought too must have been there as potential. What was the thought status, when there was only one entity-the Singularity? It is now fashionable not to attribute any thought content to the explosion of energy particles when the big bang happened. But that original primordial thought must be totally different to our 3D bound blindness based observations.


But thought is possible only when there are many discrete entities and not when there is only one entity, like the Singularity. Now the Universe is expanding which may mean that the area and number of discrete units must be expanding. Now what is the thought status of the expanding Universe? Is thought also expanding?


How to free our thought from the bondage of the 3D strait jacket? How are we to synchronize our thought flow to the space-time continuum? May be our Yogis actually achieved that freedom, but how are they to explain their great perception in the language of the 3D prison?


The objective of meditation, concentration etc is to free oneself from the perception bondage of the 3D prison. One closes one's eyes, the two misleading doors that allow only the photons of the VIBGYOR spectrum to the visual cortex which can model only the 3D shapes, or in fact blinding one to the reality and restricting the perception to the illusions.


In science the important part which the Amygdala and the Hippocampus can play in perception is ignored and the part which only the analytical cortex can play is respected. The Amygdala perceives on the basis of breathe. The Hippocampus stores the perceptions of not only the analytical cortex but also the perception of the Amygdala. The main method of observation is actually not seeing but it is breathing, because breathing does not suffer from the 3D affliction. Pranayama or breathe based perception is actually more important than the eye based perception. In everyone today, there is a big war going on between one's Amygdala the organ that perceives on the basis of breathe and the analytical mind the organ perceives (and misleads) on the basis of the 3D perception. The Amygdala is Holistic, while the Cortex is Cartesian.


Understanding needs a connecting conceptual base or paradigm. If there is no connecting conceptual base then one cannot understand. This is the realm of the Cortex. But there is also another organ of understanding-the Amygdala, whose perceptions also enter the Hippocampus. Therefore the contents of the connecting conceptual base are 1) the perceptions of the Amygdala which are breathe based and 2) the perceptions of the Cortex (mind) which are based on the 3D misrepresentations.


Breathing must be recognized as the main method of perception. But this faculty of breathing can be preserved only when one has one's macro body intact. The macro body consists of not only the body one imagines as one's own based on the 3D bound perception, but also consists of the whole flora,fauna,geography,Astonomy...


In the name of development, thanks to the dismal science we are busy cutting away our macro body, mutilating, polluting and poisoning it.




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