Wednesday, 15 March 2017

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Today to be recognized as sane one has to be scientific in everything. To be scientific one must be unbiased. To be unbiased one must be a spectator of the Universe and never be part of the Universe. One must detach oneself from the ever changing space-time continuum. One must lead a life analyzing and analyzing only and almost stop experiencing. Because when one experiences, one has to stop analyzing. One cannot do both at the same time—experiencing and analyzing. To achieve the ultimate in the scientific outlook, one must find some place outside the Universe to observe and tamper, while enjoying all the advantages and suffering all the disadvantages of the space-time continuum. This has been achieved by surrendering the faculties of observation and perception to machines. We employ more and more and more technology at the expense of Ecology, Zoology, and Biology in fact, every Ology. For that we have very conveniently assumed that everything is only a machine, not different from the scooter to which one has surrendered the faculty of walking and running. We no longer experience nature, in fact we are busy removing it in the interests of elegant mathematical equations. Nature today is our enemy. But to evade this fact from our attention, we have coined a word that conceals—development which simply means destroying forests, lakes etc to establish factories. We eliminate the habitat of every organism, in fact we drone bomb the tribes, to exploit the minerals, oil etc.There is only one motto called profit, which means escaping from expenses by shifting them to the society or environment and milking from the society and environment every benefit. The first is called cost reduction and the second is called marketing. To create markets and markets and markets we have filled the people with a chronic dissatisfaction with nature and a frenzy of greed. And we handed over what we call the economic life to the most uncertain and neurosis trigger called money. I have been writing about the injustice of including the fake income into the taxable income, but being the patients of neurotic uncertainty and the chronic acceptance of injustice, none responds because none want to stir the monster the income tax.


We have created the dismalest science called economics, which today is gymnastics in mathematical equations with human being eliminated as the subject matter, where the cost curve, demand curve, supply curve, indifference curve etc dance and the mathematical reconciliation of these dance movements creates what are called the decisions of management. The human beings lost address.

Today the hysteria of...,I am not able to find a word is resulting in the devising of more and more destructive weapons, creating conflicts among the ever changing enemy nations, which nation is a friend or enemy of which nation is very uncertain.

Let us compare this to the days of faith or non-science or the Holistic Living. An individual gave what he could to the society and society in return gave him identity, love, needs, sense of belonging and membership in the dances and songs of rapture. Nature was not a resource but a God. Nature or God was adored and that adoration was the most important thing. It was economic theism, where economies functioned on the basis of faith in God and where barter was dominant. Life was no uncertain, the lord, the priest...representing God gave security. Barter system without Theism was/is impossible. People were totally attached and completely biased to God and nature.





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