Thursday, 9 March 2017

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New Response!

If you can see and accept that you create your own stress according to how you are responding, you will then see that there is something you need to unlearn as well as learn. The old response needs to be unlearned, and a new response needs to be learned.

Providing Emotional Support To Your Loved Ones

What do we do when friends and loved ones come to us for, and expect emotional support from us? Spirituality teaches us the right technique of providing emotional support – the technique of detached involvement, which is the technique of not being overawed, of not being affected ourselves by the emotions of others.  If a friend, colleague or any loved one is upset and we also get upset (because we love them – that's what we normally say), we cannot provide them the necessary support or the assistance to see why they are reacting emotionally and how they might change the nature of their emotions by themselves.  True love for someone would mean that I am able to provide them that. While being concerned is fine, but by becoming upset, seeing them upset simply aggravates the situation and adds fuel to their fire.

By remaining detached, we can be more effective in our ability to care, listen and help them think clearly about the situation, they find themselves in.   Only if we are stable, and that can happen only when we are detached, will we be able to provide them stability.  We can encourage and empower them to change their negative reaction to a more positive response, and thereby generate a healthier energy.   If we become over-involved in someone else's problems, there is a risk that our own judgment will be affected negatively.  This is why making decisions and choices under the influence of your own and others' emotions is normally ineffective.


To become an embodiment of solutions is to be able to stay in constant peace.


Situations do bring a lot of challenges for us, but where there is fear or worry while facing them, there cannot be peace. As long as we continue looking at the problem instead of searching for solutions we cannot remain in peace. Let us think of something that we consider as a problem, something about which we are thinking a lot. Now let us see if we can find a solution for it. If we feel we cannot, it is better to leave thinking about it rather than to worry about it. When we keep the mind free in this way, we will get the solutions automatically.


 Message for the day

The one who is virtuous is loved by all.

Expression: The one who doesn't let go of his commitment to his values is the one who is loved by all. Such a person is not concerned whether the other person is committed to his own values or not. He continues to recognize and express his values in all words and actions. Hence the expression of his values is not dependent on others or situations and he continues to win the love of all.

Experience: When I am committed to my own values, I enjoy using them in whatever I do. I am free from expectations - from situations and from people. I am able to accept people as they are and also appreciate them for their own value system. So I never expect people to change according to my expectations and I continue to win the love of all.




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