Saturday, 11 March 2017

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Market Conditioning!

Mankind started with spiritualism to understand the Universe designated as God. Spirit means air. Breathing does not suffer from the limitation of being bound to the three dimension limit. In the case of the eyes and the visual cortex, there is the basic misdirection of the mind being bound to the single track modelling of objects in three dimensions only, creating falsehood at the very base.

Breathing on the other hand does not suffer from the three dimension bondage. Once every organism, including the Human organism, perceived, sensed and immediately reacted, through smell and breath. The very basic logic or reasoning was felt and not reasoned on the basis of the three dimension based mathematical reduction. Every organism played, lived and perceived, in rhythm with nature. Theism was based on breathing, not on the basis of the three dimensional logic.

Breathing needed the total environment—flora, fauna, the entire geography, the emanations from the bowels of the earth and the sky above and the whole ramification of the universe in its infinite dimensions and not limited to just three dimensions. The student practised sensing and feeling by yoga sadhana. He did not mug and memorize lessons for examinations. Life was his/her examiner. The emanations of Theism were the various artistic expressions.

Theism is totally in the realm of the Holistic Feeling and not, the three dimensions locked Cartesianism. There was no need to create a market for one's own perception. Indeed marketing, advertising and consumer or victim conditioning did not exist.

Unfortunately the monster Basmasura, called the economist struck. In the name of economic development, he has removed nature from spiritualism or from breathing and the resultant arts based perceptions and expressions and the nature directed group formations who felt collectively in unison. Breathing is now removed from feeling. In fact every organ of touch, another faculty of perception via breathing by the skin is getting removed and a mechanical substitute is being popularized via marketing and advertising. The skin with its hundreds of pores breathes in and out the universe, creating many cascades of feelings and sensations. Your hands no longer work; there are machines to do that work. Your legs no longer walk. There are so many vehicles that have dispensed the function of walking. Your brain need not think, there are computers, calculators...that do your thinking.

Marketing is the bludgeoning of substitution of organs with machines. There is no nature to breathe God, and so there are now (thinkers!!!!!!) logicians, that argue that there is no God.


An atheist is a spiritual refugee. Today every person living in cities, towns, or in areas destroyed completely in the name of development can only be atheists as they do not have the needed holistic environment to breathe God, thus live in Theism. Theism is living on the basis of continuous perception by breathing, not arm chair logicing.

All marketing frenzy taking place today, is basically the atheistic frenzy. Today there is no scope for Theism. Because there is no nature to breathe. Those who think that they are Theists are deceiving themselves. Economics and industrialism automatically create atheism by making theism impossible.




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