Tuesday, 21 March 2017

[www.keralites.net] Celebs Who Look Totally Different From When They Were Kids!


Celebs Who Look Totally Different From When They Were Kids!

Celebrities pride themselves on how they look, and if they weren't that attractive during their childhood, they either never want those old pics to reappear, or they love telling the world how much better they look now than then. So to put that point to the test, here are eight famous people who don't look anything like they did when they were young and clueless about how well-known they would become.

1. Keshia Knight Pulliam

The adorable 'Rudy' from "The Cosby Show" stole every scene she was in and made everyone go 'awww' when she showed up on screen. But the actress who played Rudy has blossomed into a stunning young woman who looks nothing like she did when she was stealing audience's hearts. Pulliam should be proud about how she's turned out and she's continued to appear in movies and TV shows, though she's had no comment about the accusations facing her TV dad, Bill Cosby.

2. Kate Hudson

Wow, but this one's kind of stunning. If you put your hand over the Kate Hudson pic and were asked to identify who the little girl is, you would have no clue. None. With the help of a little nip/tuck, Hudson shares no facial features with the snub-nosed girl with bangs.

3. Avril Lavigne


Lavigne is a rock star who has carved out her own niche in the world of music, but you wouldn't have known any of that by staring at the pic of her as an ordinary-looking girl with glasses who looks like she got straight As and hung out with the nerds.

4. Nicole Kidman

Kidman is an Oscar winner who classes up just about every movie in which she appears. She's elegant, beautiful and poised, which isn't evident in her young photo at the left here, in which she has a frizzy red afro, rosy cheeks and no hint that she will grow up to marry and divorce Tom Cruise, then win the heart of Australian country-music star Keith Urban.

5. Christina Aguilera

The woman on the right's name is Christina Aguilera, also known as Xtina, and she's an international superstar singer whose voice has been favorably compared to Mariah Carey. She has sold millions of record albums and is one of the judges on the mega hit reality singing competition "The Voice." The girl on the left is a fan of Aguilera's who has stalked her…ok, that's a joke, but honestly, is there anything other than a DNA test that would convince you this little girl is Aguilera as a kid?

6. Justin Timberlake


Timberlake is one of the hottest male singers on the planet, beloved by millions of women for his slick dance moves, dark good looks and his ability to hit the high notes. He's also proven with his skits with Jimmy Fallon that's he's pretty damn funny too. But who is the teenager on the left? He looks like a kid who got caught stealing candy from a convenience store. Or the kid in middle school who always got detention. Who is he? Inquiring minds want to know.

7. Bruce Willis

Willis is one of those stars who became famous in his 30s, which is probably why he seems so damn casual and cool about his celebrity status. Willis always has a bemused grin on his face that indicates he doesn't take the whole fame game too seriously and that's refreshing. What's not so refreshing is the guy on the left who has bad hair and a camel suit and looks nothing like Willis, though it is his younger self. Remember when Willis made that time travel movie "Looper" in which he had to fight a  younger version of himself played by "Joseph Gordon Levitt?" Judging by this Willis pic from way back, Levitt made Willis' younger self look a whole lot more appealing.

8. Taylor Swift

Swift should write a revenge song about the person who dug up these teen pics of her and put them up on the Internet. Not in a million years would you have guessed that the long-tressed teen on the left would grow up to look like Taylor Swift. And if you think you would have guessed that the girl on the left is Swift if you had no information beforehand, then you're a liar. Or a psychic.




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