Friday, 17 February 2017

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(YM)C2 or YM as m, multiplied by c2!

When a body achieves the speed of light its volume becomes infinite, but the total quantity of energy in it must be the mass of that body multiplied by c2.After YM expires does he become YM multiplied by c2, dancing with Siva, as energy in the infinity, subject to the quantity limit of ymc2? Is ymc2 the ultimate quantity limit of YM as only energy, free from the body as arrested from the natural tendency, to achieve the speed of light? Is life, existence after arrest from the speed of light? Is death the return to the speed of light as part of Siva? Is the Universe in terms of energy, Universe multiplied by c2? According to Einstein everything is trying to achieve the speed of light and become that mc2.

Is consciousness the main stumbling block, from achieving the ultimate bliss as light in rapture? Is the flower of nice consciousness or optimism the achievement as light in rapture?
To become completely conscious, you have to open your eyes and allow the photons enter your visual cortex, and the cortex creates the particular type of 3D seeing. But consciousness by itself is not three dimensional, it is non dimensional, with no concrete length, breadth and height.

But why c2 and not c3 or c4? I have not been able to get a clear answer to this. In the book 'Einstein for Dummies', by Carlos L.calle a NASA scientist, I find the following passage (Page 44):
"Why c squared instead of just c or just cubed (or c to some other power)? The answer dates back to the 17th century, when several scientists who were Newton's contemporaries were establishing the early ideas about energy. Christian Huygens, one of the most gifted of the group, showed that the energy of an object in motion is related to the square of the object's speed. Einstein's equation is also an energy equation and shows the same relationship to the speed."

Is e=mc2, ultimately the starting point of the junction between spiritualism and Physics? The original meaning of the word Physics was meditation or dyana.The word Physics is derived from Physis which means the essential reality. Are we going to that physis?




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