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[] Fwd: 9 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves At Work!


9 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves At Work!


Everyone wants to climb to the top and be successful. No one ever dreamed of just being mediocre and in order to rise up, you have to form a close professional network of colleagues. To build a strong network you have to socialize but you must also monitor what you say and to whom.


Successful people are a class apart and set benchmarks for others to live up to and if you want to be one of them, here's a list of what not to do.


1. They don't flaunt about how much they make.


You do not need to go around discussing your paycheck with others because no good can really come of it. There can only be two outcomes – either you piss off your colleagues because you make more than them or you feel underappreciated and demotivated because they make more than you.


2. They don't crib about Monday blues and how much they hate their job.


You might not really like your job, you might just be in it for the money or temporarily before you figure out what you really want to do with your life, but there is no need to go around telling other people that. Your boss is going to get wind of it sooner or later and no one appreciates that kind of negativity in the workplace.


3. They do not talk about their personal lives outside of work, at work.


Are you on Tinder, do you have a steady girlfriend? Did you just start dating someone new? This kind of conversation has no place on the job. What you should be doing is focusing on getting your job done rather than discussing your private life.


4. They don't boast about the wild parties they went to over the weekend.


Yes, that party last night was completely off the hook. You drank a ton of beer and got completely wasted but you showed up to work just fine, so talking about it shouldn't make a difference right? Wrong! People will tend to think you're immature and up to no good so it's just best not to say anything.


5. They don't vocalize their thoughts when they think someone is incompetent.


Is someone not doing their job right? That's not your problem unless it's directly affecting your work. If you're not in a position to help them out then there's no need to go around bad mouthing them because you really don't want to be 'that' person.


6. They don't surf their private social media pages while at work.


The last thing you want is for your boss to walk in while your Facebook chatting with your friends about your plans tonight. In fact, it's best to set your Facebook to limited profile and keep everyone from work way away from any of your private pages.


7. They don't talk about applying for new positions elsewhere.


You have to stick around till you get a new job so why bother telling anyone you're looking around? This will only cause resentment among your colleagues and with your superiors because they'll think you don't even want to be there so what's the point.


8. They don't discuss their political and religious beliefs.


People's political and religious beliefs define their ideologies and who they are so if you disagree with someone, it quickly becomes a matter of conflict between the two parties. Other people might even try to assert their values on you which might cause you more grief than necessary so it's best to keep off these topics of conversation.


9. They don't discuss their boss and talk negatively about them.


Your boss is going to hear about it through the office grapevine and you'll be lucky to not get fired. And from there on it's going to go all downhill for you so it's best to shut your mouth, keep your head down and whine about it to a few close friends after work over a beer. You do need to maintain your sanity after all!




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