Saturday, 3 December 2016

[] Depression!



Depression is a situation, where one has no hope about the future and where one wants to run away from the present. Physically the person continuously exhales, emptying his spirit. He has no patience for the detail of any work and hap hazard hurry will be his hallmark. Feeling guilty for crimes or mistakes not committed at all or for even small mistakes or for the misfortunes of others for which he has no responsibity is his mentality. He continuously judges himself guilty for the present situation and also for the future situations most of which will be expected failures or worse. Such a person will have no capacity to fight, wants others to take his decisions, and expects others to do his fighting as he has written himself off. He is simply not hopeful but hopeless.

Now suppose we have a society that simply gives no scope to save and actually saving is penalized and criminalized. The morale of the people will get so completely dissipated, they become moral cowards. They do nothing when the rivers, forests, flora, fauna, the air that they breathe, are destroyed in the shabby excuse of development. They do nothing when the breathe of economic existence—saving is removed. They enjoy their own ruin. Can we have fighting soldiers when there is no scope for saving and as a result no scope or hope for a bright future. In Pakistan there is at least the blind religious fanaticism, children of the poor ready to commit suicide and envy towards the entire world making that country wallow in the pride of being a menace to all. The military there is the enemy army which does not allow Democracy.

Today our economy is running on the basis of economic blackmail. The education of a child starts with demands for donations; the donations demanded become hefty when one wants to enter a professional college. The dishonesty has become all pervading making the economy a big black money economy. Now steps are being taken to bring out the hidden crores in the black money economy.

But not a single word about how to save lawfully!

Now the only bastion of lawful saving—gold also is to be removed as a method of saving!
I do not expect any response from anyone to this post from any social media group. Because our breathing is mainly exhaling away the basic spirit. We do not ask this simple question—where to save!

We discourse spirituality without spirit, want others to admire the great social status of our grand fathers, exhale scholarly knowledge, but just ignore the basic fact that there is no scope to save honestly. Now the mutual funds where one can find some protection from income tax have dipped as the share prices have fallen and about the Fixed Deposits, I wrote ...tons.




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