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[] SURVIVAL - NEW Indian 500 and 2000 Rupee Notes Quality – The Bad money


Subject: SURVIVAL - NEW Indian 500 and 2000 Rupee Notes Quality – The Bad money

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NEW Indian 500 and 2000 Rupee Notes Quality –
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The BAD Money
Money or wealth created through corruption, illegal means, criminal acts, tax evasion etc. can be called BAD money. Such money can be relatively easy to make, once one is in a position to do so. But easy money goes as easily as it comes. In short run, it can give all sensual pleasures but is difficult to handle in the long run because you have to keep it safe, mostly in physical form, since it is unaccounted. Such wealth, soon becomes a big liability since you have to keep devising ways to hide it. Bad money generates more bad money, thus becomes a bigger liability, painful to bear with time.

   Most of the times, you can neither use it, nor spend it. Only hoard it. All the time, you are worried, pained, stressed because, after all, money is money. May be one has got it through easy undetectable criminal acts, but after some time, you forget that 'criminal act' part and are left to take care of the 'bad' money. So, criminally, one takes out the money from the running system of poor people and puts it illegally somewhere, may be in a foreign bank account, which is as good as dead since you may never need it or take it out. Many times, people device legal-looking methods to keep this illegal money safe but the question is, you have taken it away from poor people, who could eat, get treated or educated with that. Putting it in the safe vaults of banks of rich country with every likely-hood, that money shall never see the light of the day and would remain there forever, mostly unclaimed, making them more and more rich and poor, more poor. That's how those banks have become so rich and big.  
   For decades if not centuries, criminal elements and unethical businessmen both from rich and poor countries, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, have deposited their illegal wealth in these banks. In fact, it has been a simple case of taking out wealth from a poor system, where such wealth could have been put to good use for the welfare of poor starved masses, but has been illegally fed into an already rich system, where it was not needed. But unscrupulous elements from the world-over, kept bringing and feeding the rich system all the same. Result is what we see today. There are innumerable deprived malnourished and undernourished people without hope, all over the world with a very big chunk of poor nations' wealth, coming into the hands of already rich people through these banks or related channels.
   I am not an economist but can see what has been happening and is happening. Rich countries like Switzerland use that wealth judiciously and have become so rich. Powerful people from poor countries keep feeding them. Most of such bad money is never claimed, since when such people die, they also take the secrets of wealth laundered with them to the hell, they would go to. They never needed that money as they already have more than enough. If they take out this illegal wealth, it shall cause more problems and trouble for them. As such, these people are cursed. Some die painful natural or unnatural death with regrettable past, always haunted and hounded by sad memories of their sorrowful deeds.
   Vast fortunes come to corrupt so easily through corruption but this is the way such money goes, filling the coffers of the rich.  It was easy to deposit the money in those banks. That filthy money from our filthier corrupt people, keeps lying there forever never to return to their rightful owners, the poor deprived people of the poor countries. Their protruded bones, linear legs and sunken eyes haunt the corrupt, when they see them in the media. That's how poor remain poor, rich becomes filthy rich, from the bread, medical facilities, infrastructure and education they snatch away from helpless deprived poor through such criminal acts. They may not be caught or arrested, since the system has been created by the powerful, for the powerful, only helping and benefitting the powerful, but nature has a way of punishing such rotten human beings. They cannot escape the punishment for their stinking corrupt inhuman acts.  
   Mind you, this crime is done mostly by those, who do not need the money or have any use for it. They already have enough. It's just that they cannot resist the temptation or lack of sense of belonging. It is your country, your people, creator is the same. Then why such shameful acts? Even if one is in a position to do it, one should never indulge in such despicable self-defeating acts, since such money carries millions of curses for not only the one, who is indulging and conniving in it but also for his family. Through such reprehensible acts, they invite curses for their own children.
Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.
Excerpts from our book, 'What They Don't Teach in Educational Institutions.' Pg#.45


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