Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Suppose you are doing a physical work, involving most of your limbs. Or you are simply basking in the pleasant open savouring the breeze etc, then every nerve communicates the pleasant sensation, covering your total body including your mind. If you are lucky your mind will not disturb by its thoughts and you enjoy very happily. It may not be complete rapture but the feeling will be pleasant, provided the remaining nature—forests, rivers, flora and fauna are not damaged by some economic project. You become part of the geography.

The pleasant sensation is due to the breeze and other sensations touching your body and all of them you cannot see. They are invisible. The gigantic invisible spectrum is used by you by being part of nature. You do not have conceptual illusions. Physical activity subsumes you in nature in symbiosis and happiness is the synthesis. Happiness, the ultimate aim of every activity, continuously touches you, and you live in it feeling it, not by wording but by tuning and basking. Smile spontaneously develops as a permanent feature of your face. The gigantic nature brings feelings the result of meanings and you do not need a dictionary or list of words to select the correct word, get its meaning and then feel the meaning. The next stage of meaning, the actual feeling happens without these intermediaries. The entire spectrum, the visible and the invisible join making you the personification of mirth.

But suppose you are an intellectual, who disciplines the mind to make it work in a defined method. You suspend the interfering nature with its pleasant sensations and concentrate using the languages and mathematics. You depend on your languages which developed because of being able to see only in the visible spectrum, and which do not have words relating to the invisible spectrum. You go on designating the feelings if allowed with words developed only in the visible spectrum. Your wording actually misleads you. But the verbal gymnastics helps your ego, making you feel very superior towards those who do manual work only. You do not even realize that you have cut of the gigantic invisible spectrum and are living in a very narrow paradigm, that too with emotions removed or thanks to your scientific outlook, sterilized. It is your snobbery that is helping you from knowing what you are actually losing. At the most fundamental level you are part of the gigantic energy blending that are happening and observing a tiny part of the gigantic operation by using the constricting vocabulary of the languages developed and totally based on the visible spectrum, is making you really inferior compared to a manual labourer.

The diseased outlook developed as a result of not physically working and thinking on the basis of the verbal concepts and mathematical equations, has flowered as economics the dismal cult. The snobbery of the fool who feels superior, actually over nature itself is resulting in the destruction of nature.





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