Thursday, 27 October 2016

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Instant Answers and Solutions!

Suppose, one gets instant answers and solutions, with no scope for questions and problems? Will it be bliss or boredom? Well, I feel that nature actually intended instant answers and no problems at all. It will be only bliss. If nature is not destroyed and when one flows with the rhythm of nature, the feeling can only be one of rapture. A child has no problems; it can smile very happily, why? Happiness is the immediate feeling that one gets after a success. The main point is that feeling. When that feeling pervades as nature, then nature and bliss become synonyms.

Nature by itself is happiness only. Unfortunately we have made ourselves problem addicts. When nature is destroyed, by the cutting away of trees, the rapture of thousands of organisms inhabiting every single tree gets destroyed and the clean nature gets muddy. In pure undisturbed nature, birth and death will be taken as very natural parts of happiness. Going against nature was sin and adoring nature was the adoration for God. Death was having a very positive connotation. The basic paradigm of death as a wonderful and positive next creates completely new understanding requiring a new dictionary.

When you can see everything—atoms, energies, the energy blending happening continuously which is the real reality, then, you can neither see nor conceptualize yourself. You become part of the ever changing universe, which can only be rapture.

All of us are in search of happiness. We want to forget ourselves in happiness or rapture. Why? Because, we want to belong to the real Universe, a no problem, a no question situation.

Now, in the name of economic growth (the horrible jobless growth),we are busy destroying the ecosphere, imagining the feeling-less economic diagrams, the growth curves... as expertise, the ultimate foolishness. The fraud called economic growth has now developed into sudden decoity, like the iron bridge proposed for construction right in the middle of Benguluru, for VIP convenience, by cutting away about a thousand two hundred year old trees because some group wants to steal about two thousand crores of rupees, the waste involved for the permanent damage called the bridge. Open decoity is now euphemized as development and cutting away trees and destroying the environment has become casual.

The point is we want to wound nature continuously and become happy because of that economic growth! We want the tree-less, water-less deserts filled with concrete and find happiness! We are in reality becoming the sorrow addicts. The number of people with diabetes, BP, heart, kidney, liver, mind ailments, is increasing many times more than the jobless growth, we are taking pride about.

If only we can see everything, atoms, energies etc, then we can see the damage we are causing to ourselves. When nature is in undisturbed and un wounded bloom, when you see everything you get subsumed in rapture. But when nature is poisoned, wounded, buthered, find only suffering and when you can see everything you get subsumed in the absolute misery, wherein also you cannot find yourself. Nature in its pristine glory subsumes you in rapture. The nature polluted and wounded...subsumes you in misery.




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