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Re: [] THe Cow, why do we deem it as holy


There have been a lot of replies to the article on the Holy cow. Some very provocative but the reasons are not very well considered.

Indian cows are different from the western cows, as they are not given steroids nor are they provided food supplements made of chemicals and of animal origin. Apparently an evident cause of 'Mad Cow' disease which haunts only the Western Continent.

Incidence of Cholera in any part of the country cannot be attributed to failure of the cowdung if it is not even used. Villages in India use cowdung on their floors/walls for protection from insects/pests. If their efforts had not yielded positive results they would not be still following the practice.If water in Ponds and rivers get contaminated due to being connected to drains ,you cannot blame the cow, if the poor animal is not even around.

Indian traditional Ayurvedic medication has recorded the medicinal values of  cow urine and has been used for thousands of years.

My mother had a chronic skin ailment developed in old age and after years of suffering and allopathic treatment got treated by Arya Vaidya Salai by use of medication including cow urine therapy.

One of my freinds a diabetic also records the benefit derived out of use of cow urine in the treatment. 

The objective behind the article was to enable understand the value of medication alternatives. To accept or reject is our fundamental right. There is nothing laughable about it. Virtues can be understood only by use. If there is a resistive mindset, it cannot be helped. Please talk to the eminent physicians at Arya Vaidya Shala and understand the virtues of cow urine therapy and the ailments they can heal, as i am not an authority on the subject.


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On Tuesday, April 12, 2016 2:56 AM, "SHANKAR MAHADEVAN [Keralites]" wrote:

Thank you very much for this wonderful information

Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 18:23:42 +0530
Subject: RE: [] THe Cow, why do we deem it as holy

A funny read.  If cow is bestowed with divine powers how do you explain 'mad cow' disease?  You visit any local animal healthcare center run by the Government and you will find cows afflicted with various types of ailments.

Nature does not fork out differential treatment to any one creature or plant life.  Everything is created equal and has varying dates of expiry. Animals do not worship.  They do not build temples,  churches or mosques.  They do not have any caste system.  They do not amass anything for progeny.  Man is something special. He does everything that goes counter to the nature.  

Padmanabhan Iyer

Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2016 12:37:04 +0000
Subject: [] THe Cow, why do we deem it as holy

"Cow is just an animal like a hen or goat... then why is it revered and why one should not kill and eat it?"

Cow is also an animal, but... a cow has many specialities that no other animal (not even human beings) has in this world.

This is the reason that Hindus consider cow as 'mother' after their own mother, and pray to the cow with respect calling it "go-matha".
These are some truths about go-matha.
If a cow eats something poisonous by mistake, and we drink its milk, will we fall ill? To find out, one cow was regularly fed a particular quantity of a poison every day.
After 24 hours, its blood, urine, dung and milk were tested in a lab to check where the poison could be found. In this way, the tests were done not for 1 or 2 days, but continuously for 90 days in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi. The researcher did not find any trace of poison in milk, blood, urine or dung of that cow.
Then where did this poison fed for 90 days go? Just like Lord Shiva held poison in his throat, the go-matha hid the entire poison in her throat. This is a special quality that no other animal has.
This is the only creature that inhales oxygen and also exhales oxygen.
Cow milk has the quality of countering poison.
There are diseases that medical science has not yet understood; urine of Go-matha has the power to cure them.
If cow-ghee and rice are cooked together, two powerful gases called ethylene-oxide, propylene-oxide are released. Propylene-oxide is the best gas used for creating artificial rain.
Cow-urine is the world's best killer of microbes
With medicines  made using cow dung and cow urine, stomach-related ailments can be cured. 
We can save ourselves from radio-waves by plastering the home floors and area outside home with cow-dung.
Cow-dung has the power to destroy the microbes causing cholera.
If 10 grams of cow-ghee is put in fire (yagnya), 1 ton of oxygen is generated.
If you feel it useful, pls share it with your contacts...


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