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[] 7 Exercises That Will Improve Eye Health


7 Exercises That'll Improve Eye Health

Other than our heart, our eye muscles are the hardest working muscle group in the body. It doesn't matter whether you're at work, at the gym or relaxing at home – we still stare at screens. These habits weaken our eye muscles, making them tired and less efficient, which in turn weakens our eyesight and exacerbates existing problems. These seven easy exercises will reduce the strain on your eyes – a leading cause of tension and tiredness.

Important: Take a 20-second break between each set.

1. Focusing on Different Distances

This exercise works on the inner eye muscles.

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Repetitions: 5

Sets: 3

2. Stretching the Medial and Lateral Eye Muscles

This exercise will stretch and strengthen the muscles that control the eye's horizontal and vertical movement.

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Repetitions: 3

Sets: 3

3. Relaxing the Eyes

This exercise will reduce tension and stress around the eyes and is recommended when taking a break from working on the computer.

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Duration: 5-10 minutes

4. Half-Closing Your Eyes

This exercise, taken from traditional yoga, is meant to strengthen your eyelids, which have an important role in supporting the eye.

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Duration: 1½ minutes

5. Number 8 Movement

This exercise will strengthen the eye muscles and will improve their flexibility.

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Repetitions: 10 per direction

Sets: 3

6. Massaging the Eyes, Temples, and eyebrows

This exercise relaxes the eyes and reduces strain and tension by increasing blood flow to these areas. Additionally, the mild pressure on the tear ducts will increase the moistness in the eyes, which provides relief for tired eyes.

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Repetitions: 3

7. Controlled Cross-eyed Focusing

This exercise will strengthen your eye muscles, as well as train your eyes to focus on nearby objects, thus relieving stress on the eyes.

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Duration: 5-10 Minutes

Thanks to Dsandhu for posting these seven exercises for our eyes. - SIVA


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