Friday, 18 December 2015

[] Fleshing the national pride


Fleshing the national pride




Pride has to be created by justification. Mere assertion in the midst of the grounds for sense of shame will only create the sense of guilt. Such assertions make the people hypocrites. The people have elected Modi because they are desperate to revive the sense of national pride. Indians everywhere in the world are dancing with joy, because they want to feel the national pride, and they are desperately hoping that Modi is the right person to revive the pride in the Indian identity.




Today in the black money economy, the citizens have become black mail-able. Matters have come to such a pass, that there are people, who make commitments publicly, but without any hesitation, harm, damage and sabotage their own public commitments. They do not care or respect their own words, bluff has become communication. When that is the ordinary life, where is the scope for national pride, except in basking at the achievements of the ancestors of some five thousand years ago? In fact many hypocrites do only that, slyly avoiding the urgently needed steps to create grounds for national pride by achievements now.




What are the reasons for the black money economy and the general blackmailabilty of every citizen? It is time to examine all our tax laws, to decide whether they create only motivations to invent tricks of escape from them or enthusiasm to obey them. Why do people search for escape routes from paying the tax, and why is that expertise in tax escape called tax planning such a prized talent? Why is it that the simple fact that when tax amount is reduced, one's contributions to the national programmes too is reduced?




My diagnosis is very simple. As it is our black money economy has created many hidden and uncontrollable costs. They are increasing the inflation. Our Government is bluffing that inflation has come down by artificially focusing on the wholesale prices and ignoring the real prices which the consumers pay. SAVINGS IN THE OPEN HAVE BECOME IMPOSSIBLE. The rate of inflation is more than the rate of interest on Fixed Deposits. The capital value of the fixed deposits is getting totally wiped out because of the continuous sky rocketing of the price of land. People are forced into the black money economy, to blackmail ability, to a sense of guilt and loss of national pride. Savings in the shape of Fixed Deposits in banks must be made sane by immediately removing the interest from the list of taxable incomes as there is simply no income there. Savings need to be channeled into the open economy which means into banks. Income must be proved before being taxed as income. First define income, not just list arbitrarily items received or deemed to have been received or accrued.


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