Friday, 21 November 2014

[] Some Shocking Facts About Nature [13 Attachments]


Here are 13 shocking facts that will teach you a think or two about the animal kingdom and even yourself.
You probably didn't know you have lots of little mites living in your eyelashes but now you do.
Something to think about next time you snuggle up in your bed.
If you are that bothered about the prospect of sharing your bed with these little mites then here is how you can get rid of them.
Thanks to the beauty of an open circulatory system cockroaches do not have high blood pressure like we do.
When their heads get chopped off the cut most likely clots leaving them free to carry on as they were.
Imagine if humans had this many brains.
Neither can an Emu. Both Kangaroos and Emus are on the Australian coat of arms as some say this symbolises the country is always moving forwards.
Technically they are not the only animal that cannot jumpas neither Rhinos or Hippos can.
Elephants are the only ones however that cannot have all four feet of the ground at once whilst running.

If it were true for humansour shoes would not only have to look good but also taste good.
Don't worrythey are harmless.
Vanilla will never taste the same way again.

This is true sibling rivalry.
Another reason to run away from them.
You are one dirty human being.

This is a whole load of NOPE.
Mitesmites everywhere.

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