Monday, 25 March 2013

Re: [] Important msg from Delhi police


This message has been circulating for the past many years. Only the brand name of the drink changes. Let me make few things clear here, drinks like Frooti is manufactured in strict conditions and strict quality control is carried out during the manufacturing process. Also, each batch of the product is checked for contaminants, including blood plasma. So it is very unlikely for a batch of so called contaminated drink to get int the market. Do you think the FDA will give permission for such drinks to be distributed? Also, the license of such company will be stopped with immediate effect. 

Another thing, AIDS cannot be transmitted through food. It need a carrier for infection, mainly sex and blood transfusion. Even mosquito bite is safe from AIDS. I am not saying that drinking fruit juice  contaminated by blood is safe, but will not help in transmission of AIDS. 

I searched all the news in NDTV about blood contaminated Frooti and could not find a single genuine one.

So, please do your research before posting such mails. It can only increase the panic in people and also to disrupt the sale. I even feel that this is a post circulated in aid of a multinational company, since Parle Agro - the producers of Frooti is an Indian company.


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