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Dear All fellow Indians,
Even though I am coming from Tamilnadu ,I was living in Kerala for many years .Recently we were in calicut for more than 15 days.Every year we go on pilgrimage..In my experience Kerala is a very good state except hartal and bandh.Kerala brethren are very good people to minglewith.You will get respect.As an individual they are  one of the best people.But they are a group of politicians they will make your life miserable.It is especially true.
Common Keralite knows this but they cant do anything.

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Subject: Re: [] Harthaal
Date: Friday, 5 October, 2012, 10:40 PM

Dear Shri Ramachandra Menonji,
Kerala is a part of our Country, you may be right I may interacted with the wrong people during my stay at Kerala, It is my heart felt expression in the context because India is ours country and we anticipate to feel homely any where we go with in the country.
It is because the provincial feeling are so dominating we forget the broader part of it. Our so beautiful temples are in south ( Kerala & Tami nadu) it create more wounder of it architectural beauty then Bhagti Bhavna and its a matter of pride all over the world.
Keralians are all over  the UP, Bihar, Delhi, Bangal and Punjab living with out any discrimination of any kind, it is a matter of concern why I feel so? But I still feel proud the rich heritage of Kerala  and of the person like you. You are right  wrong pepole are every where.
With kind regards
Er. p.k. agrawal 

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Date: Thursday, October 4, 2012, 10:53 AM

Dear Sri Agrawalji,
             I am sorry you met wrong people. They are there everywhere. But in Kerala there are a sizeable number of north Indians. Average keralite understands hindi though he may not be proficient to express in hindi. You know in Cochin University 50% of the students in engineering degree courses are from Bihar. In Calicut I.I.M. all the students are from north India coming from CET. In Kochi large number of North Indians are doing business, in pepper, tea, coconut oil, cardamom, etc. They are here for many decades. You will find all sorts of food in Kochi. There are gujarathi restaurants serving the traditional food. Punjabi hotels are there. There is a sweet shop selling pure bengali sweets. There are bengali ladies engaged in the translation of malayalam books into bengali. Bengali artists come here to set up the statue of Kali dueing puja holidays for Bangla association. There is a pubjabi gurudhwara in Thevara. Jain temple in Mattancherry. Please dont carry wrong impression about Kerala. 

Ramachandra Menon
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Dear Shri Agrawal,


UNDOUBTEDLY !!  Kerala is not a very hospitable State, but North is  also no Better !!

Keralites, atleast "try" to speak Hindi, but how about any North Indian. 

In Delhi, an outsider is taken for, not a "free" ride but a "paid" ride !!!


so this goondaism is there almost everywhere !

so please donot single out Kerala !!



From: Pramod Agrawal <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Wednesday, 3 October 2012 12:16 PM
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Mr. Mini Sekher,


From which angle you see KERALA is a "GOD own country," I had been to kerala tour for 15 days and what I could  find "Kerala is a Goonda own country" People are most idiot,  arrogant and most uncortious, very intolerant, hot tempered, use to use foul language, don't have respect to other state's citizen specially to "North"  Very much allergic to Hindi. In fact it is RACHAS on country , accommodating most anti social elements..


 p.k. agrawal

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From: mini sekhar <>
Subject: Re: [] Harthaal
To: "Keralites" <>
Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012, 6:06 PM

dear friends,

when will our state improve? we must stand unitedly against such evils of society. it is not enough to voice our concern on net alone .

how many read such mails ?

have more such forums like anna hazare did / a crusader against corruption....iam sure lot of people will support thats the only way to save this so called gods own land

regards mini

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 11:45 AM, Saraschandra Bose <> wrote:

Dear Friends, 

Like bhand, hartal also is to be banned for assuring a peaceful life of the common public. Hartal is a terrorist activity, because it is force on the unorganised public by creating a terrifiing atmosphere deploying goondas by the parties declaring the hartal. It would be worth remembering that all of us including political parties were in full agreement with the idea of banning bhand. The ban essentially has to be extented on to the present day hartal, which obviously has all the evils and anti social elements of a bhand.

Onrganisations and political parties have every right to protest; but that should not be an illegal intrusion into the privacy or rights of a citizens assured by the constitution. Unless the word 'hartal' is removed from the modes of protest, the general public will continue to suffer from the evils of hartal. Let us resort to other peaseful means of protest to make our social life a safe and peaseful experience in our country.  

With love and regards


From: M. Nandakumar <>
Subject: [] Harthaal
To: "Keralites" <>
Date: Friday, September 28, 2012, 2:20 PM

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