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[] How to Maintain a Good Friendship


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Do you have good friends? If your answer is yes then it is very important for you to learn how to maintain long lasting friendships. There are certain rules of friendship that you should follow. A true friend should be able to point out your flaws.

You should have an idea of what other people think of you. Therefore, tell your friend to assess in a truthful manner, how you behave with others. If there are certain areas, where you need to work then you should do that. A good friend will always help in improving you.

Don't Disturb

If you can be busy, your friend too can have work. If you want to communicate with your friend then don't keep disturbing him or her with your incessant e-mails and telephone calls. You should ask when you can call. Don't irritate your friend at night or at the wee hours. If you really need to talk then you should not talk for more than 5 minutes.

Don't Complain

Don't keep complaining all the time. If you are nagging all the time about your pe3rsonal life and job then your friend will certainly get tired. You should remember that he or she has a life as well and can have other problems. You can definitely ask for some advice when there is a problem, instead of crying it.

Be Positive

You need to have a positive outlook if you want to remain happy and have a healthy friendship. Laughter if the best medicine if life and it worked really well for boosting a friendship. Make it a point to look for humor in the smallest things of life. Your own image should be one that is pragmatic. If you have traits of vanity in you then your friend may not like you. Don't be totally absorbed in your own life. Lend an ear to your friends worries and problems.

Friendship is one of the most important part of life. Friends are really useful for everyone to go through each chapter of their lives. Like any other relationship, friendships take time to maintain and build. One of the most important things is the appreciation and respect for each other.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Maintaining and building good friendships takes time and commitment to good. Read on to get more information on how to maintain a friendship.

Be a good contribution to your friendship. You have done a good intention but to provide instead of waiting for more. By having the kind of mind, you will be ready to give your relationship flourished. However, one of you has your relationship with should do the same thing as you. In a word, it should be mutual to bother you can help each other.

Try to listen. There will be a time in which your friend needs to share all that she / he feel. She / he know what should she / he do, but she / he just presents himself / his feelings with no interruptions. For this reason, instead of being a good counselor, you will be a good listener as well. It will help her / him to be positive and able to handle / her own situation.

Encourage your friends. Promotion is essential, especially when she / he is feeling down. You can encourage each other to a responsible decision. In addition, it is also important to promote each other to get a beating.

Be polite. If your friend makes a mistake, you must show courtesy before / mistakes. You have to consider that she / he cannot recognize the mistakes she / he and she / he may feel appropriate. Therefore, it would be better for you to be honest and sincere, without harping on the situation. If you drive the situation, it could possibly break your friendship.

Do not be a clingy friend. You have to remember that your friend needs / her own privacy. It will be worse results if you control your friends too. Also, good quality, friendship will survive the test of distance and time. Of course, spending some time with her / him is fun, but be with her / him all the time is not a good idea, is it?

Trust When your friend tells you about all the things she / he is facing, you have to keep it alone so that she / he can really trust you and your friendship will be stronger . Give one piece of advice she / he needs it to solve the problem. In addition, the trust is appreciated more than you can get from your friends to be reliable and have a healthy friendship.

It's not easy for everyone to make friends. Once you have friends, to the dedication and work on both parts to keep the friendship going. True friends are hard to find, and lifelong friends can be a rare gem. To maintain a friendship, you'll take time to nurture and develop your friendship. To have a good friend, you must be a good friend. Once you realize that your friendship will be greatly improved!

1. Communicate together. A friendship, like any other relationship, honest communication needs. Many friends rely on each other for advice, headphones and someone just to talk. Keep communication lines open, and that you are a real friend by keeping your word. Do not ever spread each other's business. Always be honest with each other. and discuss any issues you have to ensure your communications are not disrupted.

2. Provide a headset. There will be times when your friends are just looking for someone who will listen to your problems without judging her. Even if you disagree with the way she handled certain things, learn to be a listener.

3. Work maintains a two-way street with your friendship. If only one person trying to be a good friend, friendship is not going to work. One cannot make friendship all alone. It is a partnership where both contribute equally. A friendship is both giving and receiving. If you have, and never the friendship will wither and collapse.

4. Speak up to protect your friend. Do not stand still and watch your friends make mistakes. If you think your friend is making a mistake, express your concerns. Be honest about how you feel, but be careful not to blame her. Choose your words carefully, and do not insult her in this process.

5. Try to keep fighting and arguing to a minimum. Naturally there will be times when you do not agree, but do not blow things do not match. Instead, try to talk things out and bring the situation to rest. Most people think the situation is not worth ending a friendship over.

6. Never on each other's exes. This is a situation that can tear you apart. You need to have enough love and respect each other to do things to hurt each other. This includes anyone who is not dating your friend was the day before or are currently dating.

7. Be with each other through good times and bad times. Greeting each other's success, and helps each other overcome failure. Give each other room to grow and provide room for friendship to develop.

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